The Kapporet Trust

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Directly involved in changing lives

About Our Partnership

The APTSS currently runs a small hostel for children in need, based in Andrah Pradesh, India.  The hostel is run by Kira and Rag, with the help and support of others in the village, and currently supports in the region of 25 children.  Many of these children are orphaned or abandoned, and would be homeless if not for the APTSS Hostel.

Kira and Rag have run the hostel on small donations, from locals and overseas, and have done a brilliant job of caring for the children.  It has been very difficult, however, and when the Kapporet Trust first visited the hostel in April 2014, they had been forced to move into small rented accommodation, with only 2 rooms and 1 toilet for 23 children.

The Kapporet Trust immediately began to raise funds to improve the conditions for the children, and, as a result, the hostel was able to relocate to more suitable rented accommodation for the short term. We have now completed the building of  a new hostel for the children, including good sanitation, and separate areas to eat, sleep, study and play.

We are  keen to break the cycle of poverty for these children, and so are ensuring that they all receive a good school education.  We are also raising funds to support the children in further education, so that they can have a good quality of life when they leave the hostel and are able to support other children in need.

We value every penny donated to us, so during annual site visits, the Kapporet trust conducts a robust audit of the APTSS,  including reviewing the  annual audits conducted by the Indian authorities. You can read about our first  visit to Sattenapali  here.