The Kapporet Trust

 Registered UK Charity Number: 801672

Directly involved in changing lives

About Us

The Kapporet Trust is a small UK charity, founded over 25 years ago.     

The primary aim of the trust is to relieve poverty and promote education.  We do this by becoming directly involved in supporting a small number of projects targeted at the poorest members of society, particularly in India.  We do not just send funds to those in need of our help.  We visit the projects, get to know the project leaders and check to ensure that our contributions are used appropriately and efficiently.   We seek to become full participants in project development, involved in all aspects of implementation, overcoming challenges and celebrating success with those we are trying to help.  As far as possible, the project leaders and the children in their care become part of our extended family.  This high level of personal involvement has been the key factor in all we have achieved in recent years.

Structure, Governance and Management

The Kapporet Trust is a very small and focussed chartitable trust with an average annual income of around £10,000.  The Trust is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Director and Chairman of the Trustees and the Director of Operations.  The seven trustees meet on a regular basis to review the Trust's activities and propose new initiatives. 

Financial Management

The Trust operates very simply in financial terms, receiving donations from individuals and organisations and donating in turn to the charitable purposes specified in our Memorandum of Association.  All donations to the Trust are recorded in the Trust's annual accounts , which are copied to all trustees.  All donations from the Trust for charitable purposes are approved by at least two trustees and again recorded in the annual accounts. No reserves are retained for any other  purpose than to ensure adequate cash flow to meet annual commitments and donations.  All administrative and overhead costs are financed directly by the trustees, to ensure that every penny donated reaches the project for which it is intended.

The Trust's annual accounts are prepared by Darrington & Co Ltd (71 High Street, Great Barford, Bedford MK44 3LF).

Contact Address

For further information, please contact:

Tim Harding, Director