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Directly involved in changing lives

Dwashay serves as the hub for a number of surrounding villages and the school's opening ceremony in November 2006 was attended by close to 500 people.  Before this time, the villagers in this area had nowhere to educate their childen but the opening of the new school also opened up a new world of opportunity and hope.

The schools campus covers nearly 1.5 acres.  There are six classrooms, each with the capacity to hold 30 students.  There is also an office, a staff residential block and a kitchenette to prepare a daily lunch for the children.

Bihar State in Northern India has a population of 87 million, 90% of whom live in 45,000 villages.  There are

35 million children and the illiteracy rate is 66%.  With the highest school drop-out rate in India and the highest rate of of female illiteracy, the State is home to 6 million unschooled children, that is 71% of the children living

in rural areas.

In 2006 the Kapporet Trust fully funded the building of a new school in Dwashay Village.  The school was to be the 11th school in Bihar run by the New India Evangelistic Association (NIEA).

Dwashay Village School Project Bihar


Children queuing for their lunch

One of the six classrooms


In 2011 the Kapporet Trust also funded the development of a new playground for the children.

Directly involved in changing lives

 Registered Charity Number: 801672

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