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A New Boy's Dormitory For The Children's Home In Sattenpali

Recent government legislation requires boys and girls to sleep in separate dormitories.  This posed new challenges for our Children’s Home in Sattenapali.  We have managed to find a single-story house to rent near the home.  This is currently being cleaned and refurbished to provide sleeping accommodation for the boys.  They will continue to see the Children’s Home as their home, eating, playing and doing their homework there with the girls, but they will sleep at the new boys’ dormitory.


Support For A Second Orphanage

Our partners in APTSSS, who run the Children’s Home in Sattenapali, have brought to our attention another orphanage which needs our help.  This is the Tirivuru Children’s Home in Narasaraopet run by Tirivuru Social Service Society (TSSS). The 20 children there are happy and well looked after but the home is entirely funded by the local community and resources are extremely limited.  The accommodation is very cramped and, under the tin roof, extremely hot in the summer months.  We plan to support this orphanage with a monthly donation, which is aimed at helping them to find and rent more suitable accommodation in the local area.  We have also offered to move the boys to Sattenapali when the new government legislation, requiring boys and girls to sleep in different hostels, comes into effect.